April 2009

Dear 5DollarHosting.com clients:

Our old helpdesk, referred to as the Assistance Center, has now been closed. The new ClientCenter at http://clients.5dollarhosting.com is now your one spot for billing, ordering and support tasks*. Email sent to support@5dollarhosting.com will now be checked against the ClientCenter, and email sent from unregistered addresses will be bounced. To open a ticket, either log in to your ClientCenter account** and open a ticket right in your browser, or if sending via email please make sure to send your message from the address on file for your ClientCenter account.

Thank you,

The 5DollarHosting.com Team

* Note 1: for managing your hosting account (setting up email addresses, uploading files, viewing statistics, etc) you will continue to use your cPanel.

** Note2: all existing clients already have a ClientCenter account, you do not need to register for a new one. If you need your ClientCenter login information, you can retrieve it from the ClientCenter main page.

Remember: the ClientCenter is your new destination for
billing, support and contact info.